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What's New?

September 2012
For Andy and Jody: Siciliano.

November 2009
For Allan Henderson: Percussion tracks for piano practice.

August 2012
For the Amsterdam family, a ten-year-old inteview with Frans (age 7) and Willemijn (age 6).

September 2011
This new site replaces the old smokeriseboys.com, which was decommissioned when my previous service provider (EarthLink) bungled its operations. With luck, the old hostname should point to this location before long.

March 2011
For Andy and Jody: Irlandaise.

November 2009
For Allan Henderson: Percussion tracks for piano practice.

October 2009
For your review and practice: Tunes for Janice's wedding reception.

May 2008
Back from a walk through Tuscany, Henri and Ellen are pleased to offer a selection of Italy photos.

19 Sept 2006
Hear it here first: The Boys' newest single, the Smoke Rise Tango.

14 Sept 2006
This page is leashed upon the 'Net.

Who are the Smoke Rise Boys?

Based in Marietta, Georgia, USA, the Smoke Rise Boys are a local band whose unique blend of jazz, rock, and yodel-influenced tunes have yielded what one critic has called "A toe-tapping, strip-mall sound that embodies the soul of suburban America." (Unfortunately, most other critics have been less kind, invariably advising the band members to keep their day jobs.)

Downloadable Tunes

The Boys are proud to offer this sampling of their recent work. Each tune is a Guaranteed Toe-Tapper.™ Here's a set of tunes put together for Janice's wedding: Here's a set of iPod-ready percussion tracks for those times when a metronome just doesn't cut it:  Here is Irlandaise (the fifth movement of Claude Bolling's Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano): Here is Siciliano (the second movement of J. S. Bach's Sonata for Flute and Harpsichord in E-Flat Major, BWV 1031): Additional tracks are readily available upon request.

Picture Gallery

Henri Bulterman (leader of the Smoke Rise Boys) and his lovely wife Ellen take quite a few trips. The photos below document some of the highlights of their recent travels.

Switzerland and Holland (August 2006)

Henri and Ellen took a great trip to Switzerland and Holland, where they joined the family of Henri's brother (Dick, Jacquelien, Frans, and Willemijn) for two weeks of hiking, train-riding, cycling, boating, and (above all) snacking.

Italy and Holland (May 2008) 

Lulled by descriptions of the "rolling hills" of Tuscany, Ellen and Henri headed over to Italy to join Henri's brother Dick and his family for a six-day, 40-mile hiking trip that turned out to be a bit more strenuous than advertised. The trip was arranged by a Dutch travel agency that made the several hotel reservations and provided us with a set of maps and pages of detailed instructions (example: After 300 meters, take a right after passing the wall with the iron gate). When viewing the photos, please note that each one has a caption on the upper right corner of the page.

Tip: When you're looking at the picture pages, press F11 to maximize your window. Use the ENTER key to move from one picture to the next.

Video Gallery

Tip: The videos on this page are quite large. For best results, right-click a link below to save the video (via Save Target As...) to your hard drive; you'll then be able to view the video directly (and speedily) from your PC.

Oliebollen! (January 2008)

Switzerland and Holland (August 2006)


The Smoke Rise Boys are represented exclusively by Goober's Talent Farm of Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Please send your comments and questions on this page to Henri Bulterman (hbulterman@gmail.com).

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